Here will be found a record of friends, acquaintances and contacts of our intrepid heroes.


Novice Rippers assigned to the Southend Lodge

Seasoned Rippers assigned to the Southend Lodge

Veteran Rippers assigned to the Southend Lodge .

Heroic Rippers assigned to the Southend Lodge.

Garvin's Irregulars, a band of young boys that Garvin uses as runners and occasional spies.

Professor George Edward Challenger pretentious and self-righteous scientific jack-of-all-trades.

The General Sir Charles Harrington, Retired officer of Her Majesties Armed Forces.

Others In The Rippers OrganisationEdit

Thomas Wilson a liason for the principal Lodge in London.

Father Anton Borescu Priest at "The Black Church" in Brasov, and member of the Order of St. George.

Wilhemina and Jonathan Harker commanders of the Budapest Lodge.

The Order of St. George an international society of religious folk.


Gerald Harding a political reporter for the Times newspaper.

Clancey Trombley a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service

Dr. Nathaniel Stewart Archaeologist attached to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities

Daphne Monroe Stewart's research assistant.


Lord Christopher Wicks a wealthy shipping magnate.

James Donnelly a financier and adventurer.

Friends and AssociatesEdit

Percival St. James-Smythe an Industrialist.

Bartholemew St.James-Smythe, his son and a student.

Father Seamus O'Toole a Catholic Curate

"Fisk" a Foreman at the Docks near Southend

London BelowEdit

A curious 'reflection' of London that appears to exist in some strange limbo that has drifted askew in time.

The Marquis de Carabas a rogue to whom a favour is owed.