Only his first name is known. He was apparently an associate of Mrs MacTannon's husband (God rest his soul)


St. Catherine's GlenEdit

In April 1892, Mrs. MacTannon recieved a telegram from Archie, asking her to travel to St. Catherine's Glen in her home country of Scotland. The journey was made, and it became apparent that Archie had become afflicted with the curse of Lycanthropy. He was able to resist the beast within long enough to flee from a battle with our heroes, but not before asking them to help him. Quite what he meant by 'help' is another matter entirely.

"I do not know how to proceed with the case of poor 'Archie'. If, however, I do not manage to save him before I reach my death bed, I will take the regret with me to my grave. As soon as I have the facilities to hand, I have resolved to begin research into a cure for the affliction that has beset him, though I am at a loss as to how I shall find the poor man should I ever be successful in my endeavour." - Belladonna House