I never thought I’d get married.

I am the daughter of the most brilliant and socially inept Doctor on the planet and Rosa Pedraza a Spanish servant in his employ. I was brought up without the social influences of my own age with a series of housemaids playing the maternal roll in my life, a farther who ignored me until I was old enough to bounce ideas off in diagnostics, and my only friends were Doctor I knew as Uncle John and the man who delivered the medical supply’s once a month.

It's a miracle with a start like that I ever found a place in society at all, let alone became one of the first qualified femail Doctors in England!

Still even with my success I was not what anyone would see as 'good wife material' and I had long ago come to terms with the fact I would be a spinster and never know the love of a man.

Then Mr Timothy Sims came along, He joined our Lodge and was just one of the rippers for quite some time, it was not till after Mr Rigg and Mrs McTannon had died that he started joining us on our missions on a fairly regular basis. Still he was just a friend and fellow ripper.... well I thought so until that day in Kirton when we nearly lost him to Mother Hydra.... It was then I started to realise how far he had penetrated into my heart. I wonder when he first realised he was developing feelings for me?

From then on we were almost inseparable, trying to look after each other and fight the evils of the world. Then he asked to be introduced to my farther, I was quite taken aback, not to mention worried! I resisted, Made excuses, but Tim was so very insistent on the matter I eventually relented, and made the introductions.

Unbeknownst to me Timothy must have returned to see my farther as on the 18th of November 1894 he proposed to me. I was speechless, and overjoyed, of course. I said yes, but we knew wedding plans would have to wait until after we had located Van Helsing and Dr Jack.

(from here the entry is smudged with tear stains)

We should not have waited.

We found Atlantis, we left Tim guarding the nautilus with Archibold Hibbert and went in search of Van Helsing Senior with Van Helsing Junior, it took hours to find him, and he was grievously wounded with Dr Jacks cursed blade when we did. He said we had to stop jack getting away, stop him using the Blood Mirrors, stop him realising the 1st vampires into the world through Dracula’s castle. We ran back to the dock... and ....

My life ended

Tim, My beloved Tim was dead.

They would not let me join him.

I would have destroyed that infernal gate holding him in my arms as the flames sent our souls off into eternity together.

They made me return

But to what? What is left to live for?

. . .


Doctor Belladonna House’s Life ends this day.

I am The Black Widow, and HE shall DIE!

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