Clancy Trombley

Originally encountered by Rig on Dartmoor, claiming to be an Ornithologist and solictor from London, it later transpired that he is an agent of Her most Imperial Majesties Secret Inteligence Service.

He and his men aided the Rippers, (or was it the other way around) in securing secret blueprints from an agent of the German Government (who also happened to be part of The Night Watch).

Trombley has not seen anything Supernatural, as far as the Rippers are aware, but has promised that he will be in touch with Sir Robert with regard to his 'little band of vigilantes'. He held true to his promise, and engaged in an extended interview with Sir Robert, which culminated in a visit to the Lodge. He has been sworn to secrecy with regard to the Supernatural element of the Rippers organisation (Of which he is aware, if only as a Philanthropic and Scientific organisation under the leadership of Abraham Van Helsing)

Rig - A top man! Was a pleasure working alongside him and watching him take down 4 goons with his pistol.