Discussions Aboard the ActiveEdit

During the latter part of the Voyage, Garvin and Rig discuss what has happened with various members of the Donnelly Expedition, encouraging them to join the fight against such dark things, and the survivors indeed agree to join the Rippers - 15 new recruits are gained!

Meanwhile, Sir Robert talks with Donnelly, and persuades him to offer support to the lodge. After all, they have saved his life twice now! He agrees to fund the lodge further, diverting money from his adventurous exploits to the tune of £100 per month.

Belladonna continues her work with Bonnie.

Thursday 30th March, 1893 - Arrival and CelebrityEdit

The Active Makes port in Dundee, and the Lodge members arrange travel back to London. By the time they have arrived in London, those who did not express a desire to have their names kept out of the papers (Carstairs, Belladonna and Sir Robert) find they are now minor celebrities and gain +5 Status!

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