Thursday 3rd November, 1892Edit

Arrive at Castle Buda, and gain news of the victories their lodge has had this month. Along with the new facilities that have been built (lodge upgrade cards) A Ripper Lab and a Workshop (as requested by Challenger)

Friday 4th November - Sunday 18th November, 1892 - A Surgery in BudapestEdit

Castle BudaEdit

Belladonna Implants Rig and Bonnie with Fiend's Blood, Garvin with Bone Stiffening and Sir Robert with Muscle Weaving, then those that have had surgery rest and recuperate. While they recuperate Belladonna creates Extracts of Demon Hide and begins to research Hell Mind.

Sir Robert becomes additcted to Opium as he smokes it to recover his sensibilities after his surgery.

Mrs. MacTannon takes advantage of the Castle Buda Library to learn more of the Rosicrucians, and speaks with some members of that Faction that are part of the Budapest Lodge.


Reverend Steele returns to the Lodge with the Men of Brasov

Carstairs reads this article in the newspaper, and contacts Gerald Harding to get more information. He resolves to rescue Donnelly, and arranges passage with the Dundee Whaling Expedition to travel to Antarctica, with the promise of Sir Robert paying. He contacts the other lodge members in Budapest to inform them to join him at Le Havre on the 27th of November. Reverend Steele will stay in Southend to oversee the battle against the Cabal.

Monday 19th - Sunday 27th November, 1892 - An Expedition BeginsEdit

All, bar Reverend Steele, travel to LeHavre. There is an altercation on the Docks when the Captain of the ship they are to travel on discovers that there are Women amongst those who are to travel. Eventually travel is arranged on one of the other three ships in the flotilla. They are to travel on the Active under Captain Thomas Robertson.

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