Handouts, Notes, Maps and Files both in and out of character.

In Game Handouts

A Mysterious note, that each and every one of you has received.

A Piece of Paper, found in Hyde Park.

A Letter, explaining the reason for the Rippers Society.

A Note, left for Robert Carstairs.

A Telegram, recieved by Mrs. MacTannon.

A Magazine Article that caught Miss House's eye.

Sections of Van Helsing's Journal that led the group to Rosslyn Chapel

A Telegram from Lady Cotterill, delivered to Sir Robert.

An Article in the Okehampton Times that caught Rig's eye.

An Article in the Evening Standard that gained the notice of Garvin.

A Letter from Jonathan Harker recieved by Reverend Steele.

A Poster for the Circus Fabulosus.

An Article with news of the Donnelly Expedition that Carstairs read.

A Letter that mysteriously appeared in Rig's bedside drawer.

A Telegram from Doctor White that Carstairs recieved.

A Letter found with a cased Revolver, that Carstairs found.

Some Items found in Dr. White's House.

Precis of The True History of the Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon.

A Letter and Note found in the offices of Houtpoul and Sons.

An Article in the Southend Standard that caught the attention of many of the Rippers.

A Statue of a Fishman seen in Rudyard Kipling's House.


A Secret Chamber beneath the Umbral Rooms Gentlemans Club.

Lord Cotterill's Study as it appeared upon investigation.

A Map of the Saqqara Necropolis found by Carstairs as he went through Dr. White's effects.

Traveller's Guide

A Guide to the World of 1892, written by Markus Finster, can be found here


A calendar for the year in which our campaign begins.