The Main LibraryEdit

Among a lodge’s most important facilities is the library.

The higher its facility modifier (as determined by its Resources level), the broader the range and more extensive the collection of books the library can boast. The facility modifier applies to Investigation rolls made by Rippers conducting research at the lodge. Rippers often travel hundreds of miles to visit lodges with great libraries.

The addition of tomes from the personal collection of Miss Belladonna House has increased the breadth of research material in the Library quite considerably.

Current Facility Modifier: +3 (+1 from Resource Level, +2 from Belladonna's Personal Library Edge)Edit

Special CollectionsEdit

Where the main library is a collection of Tomes, Newspaper Articles, Diaries and the like, a Special Collection deals with a specific Subject.
A Special Collection allows the facility modifier of the library to be applied to a specific Knowledge skill determined when the Collection is bought.

The bonus only applies when the character is actually in the library, and thus could be used to augment a theoretical Knowledge (Rippertech)
roll, but couldn’t be used as a bonus when performing surgery in a Rippertech Lab, or for researching ancient Mayan pictograms, but would be of little use in translating them whilst in the field.

Current Special Collections: RippertechEdit

The Rippertech collection was taken from the Asylum of Dr. Muelhoffer, who appears to have been a member of a group known as "The Night Watch" who work for a leader known as "The Master of Night".

Records and FilesEdit

The Library is an ideal store for paper items that have been found during the Rippers various investigations. They can be viewed here.

Other InformationEdit

The Library is not just a place from which to plan attacks on the Cabal, it also serves as a repository of information the Rippers have gathered on The Cabal Threat that exists in the area it must defend.

A copy of the Daily Telegraph Traveller's Handbook has been left here. Those wishing to be kept up to date on issues around the world would do well to pay heed!