Luminiferous Aether Camera
Utilising the latest Luminiferous Aether theory, this camera can take photographs in an instant - no need to sit still for long periods of time. In addition, it is theorised that those with 'supernatural' traits will have their auras also photographed, and if an appropriate method of development is also researched, pictures taken with one of these cameras could also reveal these auras.

Weight: 1 A single round and a Smarts roll takes a Photograph. A Repair roll is required to change the film for a second image to be captured.

Cost: £15 for the camera. £1 per photographic plate.

"So far, the honour of using the camera was given (stupidily by me) to Wilks. Assiigned to take photos of memebrs of this gentlemen's club, he took the following photos." - Rigg
Wilks feet