Mister Green

Always referring to himself as "Mister" Green, and keen to ensure his associates do likewise.

He is a book-maker and arranger of all manner of gambling opportunities in the Docklands of London.

A sometime fight promoter who has worked with Rig in the past, now spends more time calling in Rigs unpaid markers.

He wears a ring that matches the one that The Man in the Red Sash gave to Garvin indicating that he may have some deeper involvement with the fighting ring than being a mere bookmaker.

Both Rig and Garvin paid him a visit to press him for information about the fighting ring, and where the bodies of 'unnamed' criminals were being taken. He was able to provide the location of a sewer culvert near the Tiger Docks that could be explored. After being pressed for the information Mister Green may no longer be considered a 'friend' of Rig's.