Twenty in Total

Base AttributesEdit

Agility: d6, Smarts: d6 , Spirit: d6, Strength: d6 , Vigour: d6

Skills: Fighting: d6, Guts: d6, Shooting: d6 Parry: 5, Toughness: 5, Pace: 6, Charisma: 0, Reason: 0, Status: 5, XP: 0


Hindrances: Obligation (Rippers)

Languages: English.


Additional Traits, Abilities and NotesEdit

Lucy PengallickEdit

Knowledge: Cooking d6

Prof. Digory KirkeEdit

(Knowledgable Scientist)
Elderly Hindrance, Repair d8, Knowledge: Parallel Universes d8

Dr. Herbert ChaseEdit


Healing d6, Investigation d4, Knowledge (Psychology) d6, Persuasion d6, Alienist Edge, Elderly Hindrance

Dr Chase

Igor "Killer" McQueenEdit

(Man of Brasov)
Speaks Romanian, Shooting d8, Vigour d8, Stout Hearted

Men of Brasov (3 in Total)Edit

(Josef Nicolescu, Jakof Barescu, Brom Nastase)
Shooting d8, Vigour d8, Stout Hearted, All Speak Romanian

- Reverend's Rabble - Rigg

Reverend Victor HyattEdit

(Protestant Minister)
Faith d6, Persuasion d4, Knowledge: Religion d6

"Doctor" Hubert BrownEdit

(Wierd Scientist)

Knowledge: Chemistry d4, Knowledge: Physics: d4, Wierd Science d4.

Arthur ChapmanEdit


Repair d6, Knowledge (Guns) d4.

Emily JayneEdit


Attractive Edge, Streetwise d4

Robert BlackburnEdit


Repair d4

Susan PorritEdit


Charismatic Edge, Streetwise d4, Stealth d4

William DanversEdit

(Former Prison Guard)

Intimidation d4

Elizabeth BryantEdit

(Daughter of the Raj)

Seasoned Traveller Edge, Speaks Urdu.

Helen WardEdit


Repair d4, Persuasion d4

Colin PorterEdit


Repair d6, Brawny Edge

David WatsonEdit


Repair d6, Climb d4

Pansy GrattonEdit


Healing d4

Laura FosterEdit


Repair d4

The Arrested (Nine in Total)Edit

Here follow Novice Rippers that are currently residing at her Imperial Majesty's Pleasure. They are not considered to be part of the Lodge's membership, but might be re-recruited in the future when their sentences are through.

Joe NicholsonEdit

(Grave Robber)
Stealth d6

Albert NewsteadEdit

(Dairy Farmer)
Knowledge: Farming d6, Healing d4


(Chinese Immigrant and Martial Artist)

Fighting d10, Trademark Weapon (Special Naginata), Knowledge (London Underworld) d4

The Donnelly Expedition (4 Members)Edit

(Hilton Rashleigh, Osmond Hill, St. John King, Wilton Knight)
Survival d4, Climbing d4

Standard RippersEdit

Jonah Watt, Heather Leather