A pretentious and self-righteous scientific jack-of-all-trades. Although considered by his detractors, of which there are many, to be "just a homicidal megalomaniac with a turn for science", his ingenuity can be counted upon to solve any problem or get out of any unsavoury situation, and be sure to offend and insult several other people in the process. Challenger is, in many ways, rude, crude, and without social conscience or inhibition.

All of this aside, he the mind of a true genius lurks inside his ape-like exterior, and his inventions have secured the interest of The Night Watch, a political group that seem bent on acquiring any kind of technology that could be used for war, at any cost.

One such Invention would be The Challenger Apparatus. Other items that the Professor can research and develop are detailed on the Workshop page.

- "Few words for this guy, big, broad and makes me really angry." - Rigg