The Ripper lab provides the nescesary tools to remove the powerful essences from supernatural beings to be made into both extracts and more permanent implants. Rippers from less well-equipped Lodges may travel here on occasion to make use of the facilities in order to help them take back the night in their own areas, particularly where the Lodge with the lab is of Regional or higher importance and may cover areas with a number of 'local' lodges that are not yet influential enough to include such facilities. The Facility Modifier of the Lodge is added to all rolls to harvest Rippetech parts from a supernatural being and to install that Rippertech into a willing subject.

Current Facility Modifier: +1Edit

Rippertech AvailabilityEdit

While no Rippertech can be created without the correct 'ingredients' taken from the bodies of various creatures, just as important are the 'recepies' required to create such Rippertech. The following Rippertech is available in the Southend Lodge

Basic Rippertech

All of the Rippertech listed in the Player's Guide can be created in the Lodge

Advanced Rippertech

The following items of Advanced Rippertech have been researched or gifted to the lodge. (Check with your friendly GM for the stats, if you have the Knowledge: Rippertech skill)

  • Demon Hide
  • Sinner's Spine
  • Moon Claws
  • Mesmeric Gaze
  • Basilisk Eyes
  • Cold Blood
  • Croupier's Fingers

Unique Rippertech

Felicitas Populi (-4)Edit

A gland from a Leprechaun or similar member of 'The Wee Folk' can be grafted onto the brain stem granting the recipient some of the fate-altering powers of the donor.

Donor: Leprechaun, or other 'Fairy' type with luck abilities.
Benefit: The recipient gains the Luck Edge (no benefit if they already have the Luck Edge)
Side Effect: The recipient becomes withdrawn and solitary, gaining the Outsider Hindrance (or suffering an additional -1 Charisma if they are already an Outsider)
Additional Benefits: The recipient gains the Great Luck Edge (no benefit if they already have the Great Luck Edge)
Damage: 3d6

Spider Climb (-2)Edit

Parts from a Spider-Creature can be implanted into the hands and feet of a willing recipient, allowing them to climb, with care, on the sheerest of surfaces.

Donor: A Spider-Creature, or other being with "Wall Crawling" abilities
Benefit: The recipient adds +2 to all Climbing Rolls when their bare hands and feet can touch the surface on which they are climbing.
Side Effect: The recipient gains an overwhelming urge to eat flies and other small insects. This may cause them problems in polite (and even impolite!) society.
Additional Benefits: The minute hairs on the hands of the recipient 'tingle' when danger approaches, giving them the benefits of the Danger Sense Edge.