Cult Thing

Here will be found details of Enemies and Antagonists. One hopes that many epitaphs will be read here! While not all may be directly linked to the Cabal, their influence is such that the ends of the Cabal may be met, innocent lives come to risk and the world turn to chaos. Thus, the Rippers will thwart them if they can!

The Night WatchEdit

The Man in the Red Sash Rig's former employer.

Dr. Primordius Connected to The Man in the Red Sash in some way.
(Slain by a group of shotgun wielding Rippers, in Chelsea, June 1893)

The Night Watch An organisation of wicked men who seek power at all costs.

"Mister" Green a bookmaker and arranger of gambling opportunities.

Sgt. Williams of the London Metropolitan Police Force.
(Killed at the Southend Lodge in September 1893, when Mrs MacTannon attempted to remove his bat-shaped ring)

Creatures of the NightEdit

Werewolves and Wolfmen Infected unfortunates.

Ghouls Undead Scavengers.

Vampires The Lords of the Night.

Sea Creatures Lurking off the coast of England.

Horned Deamons Abominations, and Powerful warriors from the Legions of Hell.

Jiang Shi Chinese Hopping Vampires.

The Little People Sub-Human, Man-Eating creatures that have pledged their aid to the Cabal.

Anomalies and CuriousitiesEdit

Archie Former friend, now a Werewolf!

The Croupier A gambling deamon or sorceror? .

Aitor Nus Ringmaster of the Circus Fabulosus

The Damned Thing A formless creature, found in Antarctica.

Snake Men Creatures found frozen in the Antarctic Ice.

The King in Yellow Demon of Carcosa

The Haunted Ship Encountered by Garvin in his past, and currently harrassing the coast of England

Lao Chu Opium-Den Owner and Sorceror.
(Killed by Rig and Sir Robert in June 1893)

London BelowEdit

A strange 'reflection' of London that appears to exist in some strange limbo somewhat askew in time.

Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar two 'Gentlemen' that have a dark reputation.

The Velvets beautiful, yet cold-hearted women.