Challenger Apparatus

A modified, backpack mounted, Rumkoff's Apparatus that has been altered to give off a flash of light that is as bright as, and has the full properties of, natural sunlight. Unfortunately in the experimental state that it has so far reached an entire voltaic cell is drained in a single use.

Game Statistics.Edit

Weight 25

With a successful Shooting roll, the user can place a Cone Template. Anything underneath the template must pass an Agility Roll (at -2 if the Shooting roll gained a raise). Those who fail are automatically Shaken, and those with a Weakness to Sunlight also suffer 2d10 damage.

If the Shooting roll should fail, the light still flashes, but it has been aimed too high, and has no effect. If the Shooting die comes up on a 1, regardless of the Wild Die, the overcharging of the apparatus causes a feedback shock to the user, shaking them.

Removing the spent Voltaic Cell and Putting in a new one requires a Repair roll, and cannot be performed by the person wearing the Apparatus. (for a single person to change the cell, they must first spend an action removing the backpack).