The General Sir Charles Harrington

The General Sir Charles Harrington, GCB, DSO, MC (Ret.) attended the groundbreaking of the Archway House.

Bonita noticed his pocket being picked, and raised a hue and cry, and Sir Robert ran down the culprit.

A shrewd observer, he has realised that more is going on with the disparate group of individuals that make up the leadership of the lodge than first meets the eye, and agreed to fund the lodge to the sum of £50 per month, provided that he is kept up to date with reports of 'actions in the field'

Later, in May of 1894, at a social fundraiser held at the Archway House, he was shown the further inner workings of the Lodge by Cheng-Lou. Having seen what he had seen, and after some persuasion from the Chinaman that it was, indeed, all real, he felt that he might serve the lodge better as a military adviser than as a donor, and was inducted into the Rippers properly.

Agility: d6, Smarts: d8 , Spirit: d6, Strength: d8 , Vigour: d8

Skills: Fighting: d8, Guts: d8+1, Notice: d8, Shooting: d8, Stealth: d4, Knowledge (Battle): d12,

Parry: 6, Toughness: 6, Pace: 6, Charisma: 0, Reason: 0, Status: 5, XP: 40

Edges: Rich, Stout Hearted, World Traveller, Command, Command Presence, Inspire, Gifted Leader, Fervour, Hold the Line, Tactician, Awareness.

Hindrances: Obligation (Rippers)

Languages: English, French, Farsi (Arabic)