King in Yellow

The titular character of a play given to Belladonna by Bartholemew St.James-Smythe.

Upon reading the play Belladonna became captivated by it, and read it in full. As she finished the play, she muttered the last few words aloud, creating a portal to the hell-realm of Carcosa where she, Rig and Garvin encountered the King himself.

While they defeated him, it is not certain if he has, indeed, been permanently vanquished, or if that is even a possibilitiy.

- Rig- He was a big, .... yellow.... moving...... STATUE. Doc will be talking to me for months about this, that is if she isn't trying to dance with fleshy dripping skeletons. (Rigg touches his head) It's going to be alright, I will smoke lots of opiumn and I'll forget this little adverture to wonderland.... Why the hell coulnd't we go to the one Alice went to, and she went to him!!!

Note from Dan, Rigg, this was such an EPIC fight by the GM, was just a shame it was only 3 of us at this session. It would be interesting to see the return of the yellow king, if we could GM?