The lodge consists of a number of seperate dwellings in the Village of Kirton, near Felixtowe, Suffolk.


In 1888 a dishevelled Vampire, travelling through the south of England chose to feed on a young child. Disturbed before they could completely end the child's life, they fled into the darkness, leaving the child to rise as one of the Undead themselves.

This child soon turned all of it's friends, such that they might join it in eternal youth. The young undead brought a strange kind of terror to the village, for their parents still loved the children that they had been, and knew not what to do. The 'dissapearance' of the children was put down to a plague that had affected only those too young to resist. As more children reached their Sixth birthday, the young vampires of Kirton inducted them into their dark cabal. Soon, the adults of Kirton were little more than slaves and servants to their immortal offspring. In 1894, a group of Rippers from the Southend lodge, investigating both the mysterious cessation of births in Kirton six years ago, along with the curious deaths of every child shorty after their sixth birthday, found the nest of vampires and put them to the stake and the flame.

Some of the inhabitants of the Village, relieved that their torment was over, and discovering that the fight against darkenss was not in vain, nor without allies, and have set up a small lodge, under the guidance of the more senior Southend Lodge.

Faclities Available Edit

The Lodge is spread out through several different buildings in the Village of Kirton.

The Meeting Room and Public Area

The Armoury


Novice Rippers

Seasoned Rippers

Veteran Rippers

Heroic Rippers

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The results of the actions of the Lodge as a whole against the Cabal can be found here.

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The Game Statistics for the Lodge can be found here.