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The lodge is part of the grounds of the Alexandra College for Girls and is attached to the same as a charitable foundation, being officially named "The Archway House for Lost Souls" offering support and education to both boys and girls that cannot help themselves. The public face of the Lodge is maintained by various Junior Rippers, and is still very much under construction.

Area of OperationsEdit

The Lodge, with it's expanding influence, is currently responsible for the Coast of England (and up to 5 miles inland) between Margate and Felixtow - this includes the London Docklands area.

Faclities Available Edit

Much of the lodge is in the basement area of the building, away from prying eyes. The currently available facilities are:

The Library.

The Medical Centre.

The Training Room.

Sleeping Quarters

The Ripper Lab

The Workshop

The Meeting Room

The Public Area


Here you can learn of both the Characters that form the leadership of the Lodge and their Allies and Associates.

Additional HoldingsEdit

The Lodge has, as part of its general Equipments a Carriage and Four Horses.

The Cabal ThreatEdit

Records of Antagonists, Masterminds and Things that go Bump in the Night can be found here.

In MemoriamEdit

A listing of those who have been lost to the night can be found here.

Strategic MissionsEdit

The results of the actions of the Lodge as a whole against the Cabal can be found here.

Personal Records Edit

Some of the Rippers live in the Lodge, and keep personal belongings here.  Perhaps one of their Journals has been left in the open, giving you a chance to read it.

Game StatisticsEdit

The Game Statistics for the Lodge can be found here.