The Man in the Red Sash

Formerly a sponsor of Rig, back in his days as a docklands fist-fighter. He asked Rig to take a dive, in order that his winnings on that bout might be increased, but Rig refused. As a result Rig was put into another, more secretive, bout in which he fought something that seemed less a man and more a beast.

The man's name is unknown, leading him to be referred to by his main distinguishing feature, the Red Sash that he has been seen wearing.

He has, most recently, been encountered in Southend, interacting with another illegal fighting ring, run by a Mr. "Fisk", who may, or may not, be aware of the other activities of the Man in the Red Sash.

He is believed to be of German descent, and handed Garvin, upon their shadowed meeting, a silver ring, unhallmarked, formed in the shape of a Bat. The first fight arranged by Mr. "Fisk" was against a large German who went by the name of the "Kaiser", whom Belladonna noticed was using certain drugs in the 'no rules' bout. There are certainly suspicions that those drugs may have been Rippertech extracts.

In April 1893, Garvin encountered a Police Sergeant that wore a ring that matched the one given to him. That Sergeant gave the name of "Von Richter" in reference to the man who gave him the ring (possibly giving a clue as to the Man's identity) and also made inferences about 'The Doctor' - whether this is a reference to Dr. Primordius remains to be seen. It was noted later that Mister Green, an associate of Rig's aslo wore one of these rings. It appears that The Man in the Red Sash has associations both far and wide.

"I got his little German maid smacked up good in the ring. Hope he knows I'm gona take more than his Sash when I get him" - Words from Rigg after defeating Red Sash's fighter the "Kaiser."

Various investigations have led to a facilty hidden beneath the Tiger Docks in London where it appeared that human experimentation was occuring. The Man in the Red Sash was seen to be there, though he left long before his minions were defeated. The facility was later flushed through with water, perhaps diverted from one of the many underground rivers that were diverted beneath the city as it grew, but before this occured secure cells, with some kind of automatic opening system, a library of foreign texts (some with occult subject matter), a doctor's laboratory and a large meeting hall were seen.